Forgive at Least One Person 

Tip # 7

Resentment and anger carried on for a long time can cause illness.  Start the New Year off right by forgiving at least one person.  You can take these 4 steps to start your patch to forgiveness. 

Step 1: State who you need to forgive and for what.  

Step 2: Acknowledge how you currently feel about the situation. It is best if these are your honest feelings. Now, express your willingness to at least be open to the possibility of letting go of those feelings.  

Step 3: State the benefits you will get from forgiving. If you are not sure about the benefits just choose a few general good feelings which you would like to have for now (happier, more at peace, more confident. 

Step 4: Commit yourself to forgiving. This is simply stating who you intend to forgive and then acknowledging the benefits which come from forgiving. 

You can also try the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono mantra which is very effective for forgiveness. 

I love you.  I’m sorry.  Forgive me.  Thank you. 

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