Our Services

These highly individualized programs are a minimum of six months and are designed to prevent physical health problems. Because they are directed by a trained medical physician they can be considered a qualified medical expense.
Life Reset

Life Reset

In this Program, you will

-Get the chance to start over again, whether you are just lost or confused or coming out of a bad relationship

-Learn the scientific principles behind happiness, longevity, and success that will guide you to make the decisions that will help increase your ability to achieve those things in your life as quickly as possible.

-Have support as you create action plans and face obstacles on your journey to your goals.

-Learn what mindset and obstacles have prevented you from achieving these goals so far.

-Learn tricks and practices to accelerate you into your new life and help you overcome obstacles.

-Transform your physical health from the inside out.

-Learn practices and knowledge that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren so that they can get a headstart on achieving happiness and true success in their lives.
Couples Lifestyle Design

Couples Lifestyle Design

In This Program, you will
-Identify if you are in a healthy or toxic relationship

-Understand if you can achieve a healthy relationship with your current partner.

-Learn what things most lead to breakups and divorce and what things most contribute to long-lasting relationshps.

-Understand what you need in a relationship in order to be fulfilled and happy.

-Have a strategy for dating that will lead you into a healthy relationship.

-If you are already in a healthy and working relationship, identify how to align as a couple to amplify your ability to achieve your life goals and dreams.

-Have an outlet to vent your frustrations and acquire practical tips on how to address situations that arise as a couple to keep you on a healthy path, not a destructive one.

Dreams to Careers

Dreams to Careers

In this program you will

-Learn what will create for YOU a happy, healthy, and fulfilling career

-Understand your skills and talents

-Understand the crucial factors to help you achieve success in any field

-Identify the steps needed to achieve your dream career or job

-Identify disabling mindsets or other challenges that might keep you from your dream career

-Have the support of an expert goal setter to help you take the steps forward into your dream career and help you through obstacles as they arise.

Second Opinion Rx

Second Opinion Rx

In this program, you will

-Meet with a doctor that enjoys taking the right amount of time to do an independent review of your medical care.

-You will receive an independent medical opinion on how your care is being managed without offending your current physician or doctor since we work outside of insurance

-You will also be offered possible alternative and integrative treatments and suggestions to aid in improving your overall wellness and health.

-Reviews are done by a trained medical practitioner.

-*Note-This is a wellness and preventative program, controlled narcotics and other substances are not prescribed in this program. Our goal is to keep prescriptions to a minimum and the Second Opinion Review does not substitute for care and prescriptions that should be continued through your primary doctor's office.