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Do you want the secrets of Irresistibility? Listen to how you can transform your life using these Irresistibility Course Trainings.

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11 Steps to an Irresistible Relationship that Lasts

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Longevity Secrets for Irresistible Vitality

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The Happiness Hitlist for Irresistibility

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A New Approach

Learn the secrets of Irresistibility and simultaneously transform your health from the inside out!


Exercises along with the coursework you can do to physically improve your states of happiness, longevity, & health which will work to impact your irresistibility.

Leave a Legacy

Learn the keys to a lifetime of happiness, longevity, and vitality that you can share with your children and grandchildren.

Meet Our Doc

Dr. Jaya George is a true U.S. Board Certified Physician trained in Western Medicine on both the Eastern Coast and Western Coasts of the United States, who has worked with celebrities and homeless people alike, and who became an expert on irresistibility when she realized its practices impacted tremendously the physical health of her patients. She spent over a decade researching and understanding the critical keys and elements that comprised irresistibility after discovering its significant impacts to physical health, longevity, and the reduced need for medication as well as better prevention of physical ailments.

Dr. Jaya — MyIrresistibleLife Founder & CEO.

Undergraduate School

Dr. George completed her Chemistry degree at The University of Georgia in Athens. Go Dawgs!

Medical School

Dr. George obtained her MD, medical doctorate at The Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia.


Dr. George trained at The University of Southern California at a large, busy, and intense medical center that gave her the skills to handle almost anything.


Dr. George through myLifeMd is currently helping people find the inner causes of their health issues and setting them on a life path that gives them their best health…she also continues consulting on in-hospital medical cases and teaching cases around Orange County, CA.

What Clients Have to Say

Dear Dr. Jaya
I can’t thank you enough for the advice you gave me four years ago when I was deciding where to go to medical school. While the decision I ultimately made was my own, it was an educated choice based on the valuable insight you provided me, and I am truly grateful. I am now a (pretty happy) resident at an excellent training program that I’d never thought I’d be able to get into, but here I am – and it all started with the help and encouragement you gave me as a budding physician all those years ago. Thank you so much!
– A Georgia Medical Student-turned-San Francisco Resident Physician

– A Georgia Medical Student-turned-San Francisco Resident Physician
Healthy Careers Program
I never even thought about what is necessary to have a healthy relationship! It’s no wonder that so many relationships end in divorce. Without this knowledge, it’s like taking a test without ever studying for it. Now I have the confidence to find the relationship of my dreams and I am not scared anymore about getting into the wrong relationship again.

-Jenny C, Orange County CA
Irresistible Relationships Program
You gave me a new lease on life. Understanding what goes into happiness, has helped me become really a new person. And now I am actually focusing on what I really have wanted all along, to be happy! Thank you for helping me to see the way to get there.

F.J. from London
Life Reset Program & The Happiness Hitlist for Irresistibility
Being a physician myself, I was skeptical about these programs. But now I am amazed that we never learned these things in medical school. You have helped me personally transform my health, but I am also able to help my patients with the concepts I learned from you. And I have been able to reduce medications for many of my patients by practicing your innovative approach that looks at root causes of problems instead of just writing pills for everything. Thank you for everything.

Jack K. from New York
Irresistible Vitality & Longevity Secrets