One bite to stay light.

Tip #16 

If you feel the temptation for a treat and you can’t resist, try the one bite method of self-regulation.  First, remember that you can have anything you want.  You are NOT on a cannot, do not diet.  But then ask yourself if what you really want is to eat a whole cake or tub of ice cream or rather if what you really want is to feel amazingly healthy and look great.  If you still feel the need, enjoy one spoonful and really savor that bite, taking the time to let your mouth taste and enjoy it slowly.  After that bite, tell yourself, I did it, I enjoyed it like everyone else, so I can stop now and don’t need to kill myself by eating the whole thing.  If you set yourself up with this language of I can and I choose to instead of I cannot and I have to, you will set yourself up for an easier way to eat healthier all year round. 

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