Dr. Jaya George Zavala

Board Certified Physician, International Author, Philosopher, Musician

Integrating years of study and research to help others in innovative ways. Director of the My Life Wellness Center.

Jaya George Zavala was born in Lesotho, Africa. At age 2 she moved with her family to Augusta, Georgia. She attended John S. Davidson Fine Arts High School during its’ early years; a school that was later recognized in 2004 as the National Grammy Signature School with its top music education program. This was the environment that helped to formulate her lifelong passion for music. She traveled extensively abroad at that time even taking on a musical exchange to Takarazuka, Japan. After high school, she obtained her Chemistry Degree at The University of Georgia at which time she also did Research in Microbiology.

After her undergraduate studies, Jaya returned to Augusta to complete her Medical School training. Her post-doctoral work was completed in Los Angeles, California at The University of Southern California. She considered a career in cancer studies and Oncology even beginning cancer research, however she ultimately wasn’t sure of her career path and chose instead to pursue Internal Medicine because it afforded her a broader scope of practice. After working privately many years in California, Jaya decided something was still missing. It was her study of music therapy that unlocked for her the field of neural reprogramming. This combination of healing, music, and the power of the mind & spirit showed her what was missing in traditional medicine and is what helped her investigate this new field of integrative medicine.

This new field is not limited to bodily complaints but recognizes that modern medicine should address overall health in every field and coordinate treatment plans that draw from varied methodologies in order to help her clients achieve optimal living. This type of practice helps patients become proactive in their health and allows them to make better life decisions by approaching choices from a health perspective. This helps them to achieve not just what they want out of life, but what they need in order to be healthy and happy.

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