How to Be Happy To create an unparalleled effect on your health
and to powerfully impact the lives of everyone around you.
A better you, Today! We design lifestyles to help you achieve true
success and happiness.
Whether you need individual consultation, group
sessions or a full seminar, mylifeMD is here for you.
The greatest health is wealth; Helping people do
more than just stay alive.
Helping people LIVE!
Get into a healthy relationship Relationship coaching designed to
improve your chances
at a relationship that will last.
Healthy Careers! We show you how to expertly design
and obtain a career and lifestyle that will positively
impact your health and happiness and make it so
that your job never feels like work.
All our programs are designed to create in you an optimal state so that
you can experience your best health and prevent
physical health problems.
All Directed by A doctor who has spent her life
studying how to transform health
from the inside out.

Transform the Mind,
Transform the Body

We work with struggling individuals and couples that want to transform their lives by incorporating the scientific principles of health, happiness and success so that they can achieve their big dreams and goals on a daily basis and additionally prevent or improve physical health problems. MyLifeMD helps create prescription plans for life to help people live better, so they can do more than just live.

Enroll in our online programs

Enroll in our online programs

Enhance your life with us now

Enhance your life with us now


Don't tell people your dreams, show them!

Discover what is keeping you from your best health.
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For your best health, learn the keys to longevity, happiness, and success through our online programs that address physical health and the mind-body connection.

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Skeptical about how real the mind-body connection is? We understand. Don't just take our word for it, listen to the former U.S. Surgeon General talk about how one such aspect of the mind-body connection can impact your health.

Quit Being Miserable 15 min Strategy Session

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Quit being Miserable 15 min strategy session

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